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A Blog about Blogging!

Posted by admindev on 10.05.2017

Yes, you’ve heard the term ‘Blog’ or ‘Blogging’ many, many times (and are probably a bit bored with it to be honest) – but we thought we’d give a bit more detail on what the benefits of Blogging are and why us PR and marketing types continue to bang on about it!

There’s been a million and one Blogs on ‘how to’ – but in this Blog we’d like to concentrate on the benefits of regular Blogging, as well as the importance for your own social media activity and PR presence.

We must admit, telling people to Blog ourselves does get a bit tedious… BUT when you see how your business can benefit, then it really does make a lot of sense to do more of it. After all, writing blogs is a service we offer and provide many of our clients with much success so we truly have seen the benefits!

So… what are the benefits – why do it!?   Here’s some thoughts on why you should be regularly Blogging in your business –

  1. Great for SEO – Google and other search engines love regular information going up on your website. They love it even more if it’s good, specific, relevant and fresh information. So keep it up! And always remember to include relevant key words. For us these are words like… PR, Dorset, Business, Public Relations etc.
  2. Enhancing your social media content – Blogs makes great social media content and are a great way of encouraging engagement with your target audience. If your blog is good and your audience are engaged, it’s likely that they will share the blog across their own social media platforms – increasing awareness of your business / brand / product!
  3. Developing a personality behind your business – A good blog gives readers an insight into your ideas, and expertise. This can help boost your reputation as a thought leader and demonstrate your industry knowledge or expertise to potential customers.
  4. A cheap & effective sales tool – So you might invest time and money into networking, telesales, email marketing – all of which could lead to sales opportunities, well now look at Blogging as increasing your sales funnel too!   You’re putting yourself, your voice and expertise out there for people to engage with which can work as a way of attracting potential customers.
  5. Engage with an audience aka potential customers – You may have noticed there’s a common theme behind all of these points – engagement!

Blogs can act as a brilliant two-way line of communication. They can encourage people to engage with you in ways they may not have previously. Blogs can be open discussions, they can provide a platform to invite people to comment on the content and share their own ideas and thoughts. Opening yourself up and sharing your own thoughts through a blog really can work as a way to engage with your followers more.

So we’ll stop banging on about it – and just go out and get Blogging, we’re certainly going to be doing more following us writing this one!!!!