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Our Approach

Why Choose Us?

What we do

Our Services


We are a passionate, trusted and leading public relations company, committed to delivering results for our clients that make a positive difference to their success. Working in a vibrant open and proactive environment, we are a team of dedicated PR experts.

Examples of what we do includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Event Management
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Social Media Services
  • Digital PR
  • Media Training
  • Copywriting
  • Awards
  • Newsletter Management

Whether it’s building strong relationships with journalists to increase brand awareness and boost your success, profile raising events, connecting with your target audience online or defending against public challenges to your reputation – DNPR have the expertise to deliver your desired results.

The Benefits of PR

Why should you engage in Public Relations

Visibility – Getting you noticed

Longevity – Maintaining your public presence

Reputation – Enhancing your public image

Competitive – Putting you ahead

Directed – Reaching your audience

In a fast paced and ever changing world, it can be difficult to stay ahead. Developing, strengthening and maintaining a good relationship with the public is the secret to success.

Businesses, organisations and individuals that are actively engaging in a greater range of communications are more likely to succeed in their endeavours. Harnessing the power of Public Relations provides you with a huge number of benefits. Aimed at your audience or market, through the press and social media, an effective PR campaign will boost your visibility and get you noticed, increasing your engagement with the public.

PR also assures you greater sustainability and longevity. Building a strong portfolio and trust in your brand, both on and offline, is the best tool for creating a lasting presence. PR aims to enhance your image and credibility. An effective PR campaign will manage how you are perceived by the public. We all want people to speak well of us and creating a good reputation is crucial to success.

A PR campaign will keep you one step ahead, maximising the attention your company receives by highlighting what you’re offering that other companies are not. PR is the best way for companies to reach large numbers of people as well as niche audiences


DNPR Process

Passion, expertise, trust, results…

Step 01

Get to know you

At DNPR we like to get to know our clients. It is our strong belief that effective PR cannot be delivered without a close working relationship. In order to become affective advocates of your brand we first need to know what we are communicating about. After all, there’s no use talking to your audience if we don’t speak your language

Step 02

Get to know us

Once we’ve got to know each other, it’s then time to get down to the formal business.
From our initial chats and understanding, we’ll then come to you to present our plans and ideas in a formal document designed especially for you.
After signing on the dotted line, we’ll produced a dedicated communication plan highlighting our deliverables and aligning our objectives.
Then it’s time to get to work!

Step 03

Get to action!

Step three is about planting the PR seeds, doing the ground work as we start to see your PR presence grow.
This includes writing press releases; media liaison; organising extensive exposure; researching awards; developing your social media platforms; arranging profile raising events and more.

Step 04

Get the result

Now the seeds have been planted and the shoots have started to show it’s time to measure the growth of your profile.
At DNPR we do this through activity reports which we will deliver to you on a regular basis. These reports are a comprehensive account of what we’ve done for you.
Highlighting media coverage, social media statistics (including engagement & reach), awards entries plus all other PR activity.

Step 05

Get the glory

Finally it’s time to enjoy the success that PR exposure can bring. Bask in the limelight and revel in the awards as we continue to promote your achievements.
Of course, PR does not end here. As your business grows and your profile increases, we’ll be here to ensure you maintain your presence in the public spotlight and continue to engage with your audience in the right way.