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David’s first month at one of the South’s number one PR agencies

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 20.11.2019

David Dwamena

David joins Darren Northeast PR on a year-long placement following the completion of his 2nd year at Bournemouth University studying Marketing. His ideas and creativity will be a benefit to clients in helping them to engage with their target audience as well as enhance reputation. Here we speak to David directly to hear his thoughts and about his experience at DNPR so far…

Q) How did you get your placement with Darren Northeast PR?

A) I came across DNPR while searching for a placement via my uni hub. Their advert caught my eye and upon reading about the role and what it would entail, I didn’t hesitate to apply. Within a week I was invited to an interview where I initially met Matt and Theo. Then a few days later, I had an interview with Darren who offered me a placement at DNPR which I didn’t hesitate to accept! It is my positive attitude, enthusiasm to learn and passion for the PR industry which all contributed to securing such an amazing opportunity

Q) How has your first month been at DNPR?

A) I’ve absolutely loved life at DNPR so far. It’s been a pleasure to work with the team. They give great advice and constructive feedbackhat enables me to continuously improve my skills. Whenever I’ve needed help, they have been more than happy to support and guide me. I feel part of the team already!

Q) What skills do you bring to Darren Northeast PR?

A) I think I bring ideas and creativity in relation to social media content that helps clients to better engage and interact with their audience. I like to think from the point of view of a client’s audience and create content accordingly. Also, my copywriting skills are an asset in creating quality written content for our clients.

Q) What have you been doing as part of your role?

A) As part of my role, I’ve been writing press releases and blogs, creating social media content for clients, and I even got to attend a networking event in which there was a talk about crowdfunding and how it can be used to grow a business!

Across all of my written work, I have been focusing on my style of writing. It is extremely important to ensure the tone of the content matches the subject being discussed and also fits the client’s image. My responsibility is to ensure I get the balance right between informative, engaging and relevant content.

Q) What skills have you learnt so far?

A) I’m learning a plethora of skills at DNPR. For example, I’m learning how to analyse information to extract and utilise relevant trends and talking-points to support my work. I’ve learnt the importance of creating content that is specifically catered to your audience. This means researching to understand what your audience is about and who they are.