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5 reasons you should use hashtags on Instagram 

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 15.07.2021

Hashtags are an important part of any Instagram social media campaign to ensure your content is seen by the right people. Here are five reasons why you should use hashtags on Instagram: 

Boosting social media reach 

Good use of hashtags on Instagram increases your visibility and reach on social media. When you post with relevant hashtags to your business and its content, it’s shown to those who follow similar topics. This puts you right in front of your key audience, who may never have seen your content or heard of your business before.  

Your own brand awareness 

Creating a unique hashtag for your business is a very effective way of taking ownership of a hashtag that your customers and clients can use. Let’s take the clothing brand Barbour for example. Their hashtag #BarbourWayofLife is used by customers to show off their new purchase. Not only does this boost brand awareness amongst your customers’ followers and friends, but it also creates online ambassadors for your business and gives you many channels for user generated content.  

Seek new followers 

As well as booting reach, hashtags on Instagram will inevitably boost the number of new followers on your account. The more your content is seen by people outside of your following, the more chance there is of them becoming connected to your brand and wanting to see your content regularly.  

Pick up on trends 

Making use of trending hashtags encourages extra reach. By simply using trending hashtags on your content you will immediately get a larger audience, which in turn can lead to potential new followers. Do bear in mind that this audience will be less specific and targeted to your brand.  

Competitor analysis 

Hashtags on Instagram are good for finding and researching your top competitors. By looking in the relevant hashtags it becomes a lot easier for you to find other businesses that provide similar services to you or have similar content. This then gives you the opportunity to scope out your competition and see what works/ doesn’t work for them and use that information to benefit your business. 

What’s beyond hashtags on Instagram

Understanding the importance of hashtags is only a small step in creating a successful social media campaign. To find out how you can best maximise your presence on social media, get in touch and we can support your business for optimal results. Call us on 01202 676 762 or email us at