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Client Focus: Christchurch and East Dorset Councils

The Client

  • Local Council
  • Economic Development Team
  • New Economic Growth Plan
  • Business Focused
Christchurch and East Dorset Councils – Economic Development Department.

The Economic Development Department for Christchurch and East Dorset Councils launched a ‘Growing For Growth’ five-year plan in 2015 to create the best opportunity for the local economy to grow and businesses to succeed. The department consulted with local businesses to help prepare the strategy and reports to local businesses on its delivery through events, newsletters, and social media.

The Brief

Our Objectives
  • Building awareness of economic growth plan
  • Build awareness of the Economic Development team
  • Ensure further engagement
  • Ensure presence in print and online media
Darren Northeast PR won a tender to provide the communications and public relations for Christchurch and East Dorset Councils’ Economic Growth Plan.

Having won the tender, DNPR was tasked to build awareness of the Partnerships’ Economic Growth Plan and roll-out of individual initiatives plus the role of the Economic Development team in local business support services. This included communicating success stories along with current issues and opportunities available. Darren Northeast PR also had to help generate interest from local businesses across all sectors, along with key stakeholder groups, to encourage engagement with the Economic Development Department.

The Results

Media Coverage
  • Blackmore Vale Magazine
  • Stour and Avon Magazine
  • The Bournemouth Echo
  • Dorset For You
Darren Northeast have gained Christchurch and East Dorset coverage in a plethora of local publications, increased their local business database, organised 4 successful business events and dramatically increased social media engagement.

In order to raise awareness of Christchurch and East Dorset Councils and engage with local business, DNPR organised several local business breakfast events with the council which has been attended by over 200 businesses from across the Christchurch and East Dorset region. Darren Northeast PR also grew Christchurch and East Dorset’s dedicated Facebook page from 60 to over 300 likes in 4 months, whilst producing and posting relevant content daily along with two blogs a month. Alongside this, they have run several Facebook advertising campaigns which have reached over 40,000 people online.

Christchurch and East Dorset Councils also asked Darren Northeast PR to produce an online alternative to replace their quarterly newsletters. In answer to this, Darren Northeast PR now produces a monthly e-bulletin which is delivered to over 1,000 people. Darren Northeast PR also successfully doubled Christchurch and East Dorset’s local business database.

The Testimonial

“Our team has been thoroughly impressed with the PR and Communications campaign which DNPR delivered. Darren, Matt, and Dan are extremely responsive and always willing to help. They have absolutely transformed our social media pages, more than doubling our Facebook likes, and have also been responsible for two extremely successful business networking events along with other day-to-day activities. The team are experts in their field and our ‘Going For Growth’ campaign has really benefited as a result.”
Tim Brown, Christchurch and East Dorset Councils Economic Development Team
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