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To sponsor or not to sponsor?

Posted by admindev on 08.11.2017

Sponsorship – noun. Providing financial support for a project or activity or the person carrying it out

We have always looked at sponsorships as a great way to acknowledge someone’s hard work and success in the pursuit of their activities.

It is such a great feeling to see someone being rewarded for their achievements with your help. Besides the moral satisfaction, it is also… a great marketing opportunity!
You see, today’s small businesses rarely understand the importance of sponsorships. Why do it? Why invest money into something which may not improve your business or bring any profit?

Maybe because it can actually improve your business!
In the world of Communications and PR, ‘sponsorships’ are seen as one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. It broadens competitive advantage, increases credibility and helps attract a wider audience.

If done well, sponsorships offer great opportunities for distinct marketing and image building, as well as showing support for local businesses and community events.

One of the latest events we sponsored was the prestigious Dorset Food, Drink & Farming Awards, organised by Dorset Magazine. The awards were designed to showcase the great and the good in Dorset and reward the hardworking people behind them, including suppliers and producers, small farming businesses, chefs, restaurants, pubs and hoteliers.

Out of the 13 categories, we were most intrigued by the ‘Best Hotel Restaurant’. With high expectations and great appetites, we went visiting three exceptional hotel restaurants: The Pig on the Beach, The Seasons at The Eastbury and Summer Lodge Country House Hotel.

Attention to detail was our most trusted instinct as we were served the three enjoyable dinners. We analysed the environment and ambience, the quality of food and the service. The decision was very tough, but unanimous in the end. By far, the most enjoyable hotel restaurant experience for us was at the Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, based in Evershot, Dorchester.

With our appetites satisfied and wearing our best suits, we then attended the Dorset Magazine Food, Drink and Farming Awards Ceremony on 28th September. We had a fabulous night at the Italian Villa where the ceremony was held, watching worthy chefs, restaurants, pubs and hoteliers being recognised for their talent.

Our evening then ended by rewarding Kevin Reid, Summer Lodge Director of Sales, for the excellence in business his hotel offers.

Dorset Magazine Food, Drink and Farming Awards Ceremony

The moral of our story is… sponsor more! Find a cause, event or individual you have passion in and don’t be afraid to support it. Either if you are providing a service for free, or financial aid, acknowledge the benefits of sponsorships and use them to help your business and other businesses get recognised. After all, there is no such thing as too much marketing!

Dorset Magazine Food, Drink and Farming Awards Ceremony